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Settle back, and let your mind drift away to a place where nature hasn’t changed in thousands of years. Take a canoe on a lake where fish have never seen people. Feel the boreal forest and vast sky overwhelm you and transport you to a time and place that few have seen. Hear the haunting call of the northwood’s loon as the quiet splash of your lure signals to Northern Pike that dinner is near.

This setting that calls out to you is none other than Ontario, a place of unbroken wilderness that will cast a spell over you. Sandy and romantic beaches are abundant and waiting for you to walk hand-in-hand with your favorite person. The deep Lake Superior waters are so abundantly clear that ancient shipwrecks can be seen from the surface.

See the moose feeding on duck potatoes in the shallows of hundreds of lakes, raising their heads to watch you pass by. Try an owl prowl or do a wolf howl and see if they answer back. Go underground on a guided mine tour to see how hardrock Cornish miners lived and worked 100 years ago.

Board the old railway line in Wawa and chug along to the best wild blueberry patches on this side of heaven. Visit the inviting mom and pop restaurants in Sudbury, and let those homemade pancakes swim in real northern maple syrup. Rent a comfortable houseboat to tour the heritage waterway, and then try a camping excursion at Canada’s provincial or national parks. Once you walk through Ontario’s outdoor gate, you might consider staying longer than planned.  You can even enjoy a ATV vacation!

The greatest number of lakeside cottage resorts and lodges are situated throughout big and sprawling Ontario. These lodging facilities run the gamut from comfortable fishing cottages on hidden lakes to large resort lodges hewed by hand out from Ontario forests. Some of these facilities offer experienced guides to give you the boating and fishing adventure of your life. After fishing, settle in for a sauna and a Canadian shore lunch of walleye roasted over a fire. You can rent a canoe and paddle softly through an endless chain of lakes where no house will be seen. Planes with experienced bush pilots can be rented to fly over thousands of square miles of virgin Tamarack forests. When winter settles in, try ice fishing in a warm outfitter’s hut.

Try out Ontario today for an unbroken adventure in Canada’s vast wilderness forests and lakes. Somewhere, a loon or a moose is waiting to give you an Ontario hello.